STFX Golf Academy Eligibility

  • Students will be eligible to apply in the spring for the next year’s February program.
  • Students will be provided with access to Blair Oko Golf Academy and CPGA instruction.
  • A Selection of Golf Apparel unique to the STFX Golf Academy.
  • Transportation to all sites and facilities.
  • Students will supply their own equipment. Club storage will only be provided at FX and Blair oh cool.
  • Program numbers will be capped at 21 participants per A.M. Academy and P.M. Academy (42 total).
  • The Academy will require students to have a positive academic standing, as well as, a basic understanding of the game/rules of golf.
  • Each applicant must supply one reference from either their home golf course or the name of someone who has witnessed your golf game and etiquette.
  • An interview meeting is required prior to acceptance.


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